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Breeding purebred Bengals on the Skootamatta River

Bengals are known for the beautiful colours, which we have a vast range here at Bengals On The River. We have all colour variations of snow, seal, sepia, minx. Brown colour variations, as well as silver and charcoals. Bengal’s are known their intelligence, they love to climb, and play. They are a very active cat, and require a home where they have the space to run, and play. They love company so they make a great addition to other pets, and dogs.

kittens will need you time and attention while they get adjusted to your home and family. Remember this is new for them, as they have just left their mom. Producing an environment they cats will love is the best thing you can do for your kitten. Have a cat tree where the can climb, scratch their nails. Have safe approved cat toys, no small pieces that they can get hurt by. Cat mice, birds, laser points, balls tied with rope that they can jump, and play with. They will need their own bed a place that they know is just theirs. I have cat litter boxes upstairs and downstairs for my cats.

Bengal Kittens coming soon

Bengal kittens make a great family addition. They love to play, be part of the family, love water, and take walks. We are active cat, with beautiful markings. Bengal Kittens we have two litter now.

Our Program

Our kittens are all Tica hand raised in our home, no cages. Parents are all checked for health issues, and are clear of PK-DEF, PRA-B, PKA, FIV/FELV, Hcm and more all negative in all our breeding pairs. I have been breeding pets since I was a child, as our family bred purebred champion dogs, and cats.


Bengal cats grow to 8-15 lbs, short hair. Pattern can be spotted, or marbled. Colours white lynx, silver, brown, and more. Energy is high, Affection is high, pet friendly is high, allergy free is high (note no cat is totally allergy free, but Bengals are one of the best), Intelligence is high. Bengals are fast learners. Vocal animals like to talk to you.


Bengals are one of the most adored of the cat breeds due to the wild like look of their ancestors the Asian Leopard. Although they look wild, our cats are domesticated, but still have more energy, spunk, agility, then a typical domestic breed. They are excellent climbers, hunters no mouse will survive in your home. As with all animals to bring to your family the one thing that remains the same is time. How much time do you have to give them to help insure you get the best family member out of your Bengal. Bengals love play time, the more things you can do with your Bengal the better. Play fetch, they love to het balls when you throw them, you can teach them to bring it back. Hide and seek, they love hiding and jumping around at you, and then they run again.


Bengals on the river welcomes Aurora our Seal Charcoal Spotted Lynx Point. Emma is a Silver black charcoal spotted bengal. Lucille is Seal charcoal spotted bengal. Arabella is brown black spotted bengal. Lorenzo is black amber classic bengal. Finally our silver seal Sandor. All these additions to our cattery and family will be future Dam and Sire.

Our new Members added to our home.

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The only life living is a life full of happiness and joy. Life would not be complete without Bengals by our side.

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